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Browse through and appreciate the time invested into these well crafted works of fine art of varying sizes.

You’re looking for a special piece of artwork to compliment a space in your home or office — search no longer. Dorothea LeBlanc’s unforgettable paintings incorporate found objects to create striking and colourful, one of a kind, works of art.

When you buy a piece of art from Dorothea, it’s great to know that you will not only have exquisite and lasting artwork in your home, but you’re also giving this artist time to continue transforming refuse from the past into something beautiful for the future.

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From Junk to Jewels: Art that Transforms the Past, for a Beautiful Future

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Dorothea in her Halifax studio working on a double sized upcycled jewellery creation:


A heart to reduce, reuse and recycle has inspired Dorothea to make her lusciously textured acrylic paintings. Although she graduated from university with a Fine Art Degree in 1980 poor health kept her from making art again, until 2007. In the process of creating realistic art, she began playing with adding found objects to her canvases to create interesting textures. Upcycling broken and pre-used things (especially old jewellery), now brings out a limitless creativity within her that painting realistically never did. The sculptural nature of her work stems from the early training she received making clay bas-reliefs worked into bronze looking, cement-fondue artworks.



A large selection of absolutely unique paintings

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Thinking of owning a piece of my artwork?

I can help you decide if what you’d like to buy would go well in your space. If you’re not too far away, we could arrange a meet up to see how my pieces look in your home or office. Contact me using the form on the left.

OR perhaps you’d like to order a personal HEIRLOOM ART PIECE?

YOUR very important, yet sadly no longer useful jewellery can be turned into lifelong keepsakes, that help you connect your past with your and your family’s future. I make “Heirloom Art Piece” commissions.


If you’d like to donate your old and broken jewellery to a good cause, I will gladly receive them.



Lots of Atlantic Landscapes, trees, flowers, rock walls, portraits and more!


Realistic Work

This section is a display of Dorothea’s previous realistic work, including some very early artwork from the late 70’s and early 80’s, during and just after she attended the University of Guelph in Ontario.

After moving to Nova Scotia in 1990, she was taken with its beauty. And now, when travelling away from her studio in Halifax, she has no choice but to create a few pieces of what nature reveals. Some of these artworks are sold, but many are still available for purchase.

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