Art Process Videos

My process videos are positioned below with the newest one first. I hope you enjoy watching them – friends have told me they find them peaceful and meditative.

The first video I ever made (the pink roses - at the very bottom) starts off at about 15 seconds long using still photos and a piece of free music. I used a video maker called "perfectvideo" - for my first 4 videos and then I finally discovered how to use the time lapse option on my iPhone! So, now I record that way and transfer my video clips to my desktop computer to use iMovie to put them all together.  


I'm proud to say that two of my early videos use some music that my son (Daniel James LeBlanc) created when he was younger. And then he graciously created a new amazing piece of music for me in 2016 — used in the videos: "Bejewelled Landscape" and "Born of the Spirit."  After that, I figured out how to use GarageBand and have made 6 or 7 of my own very amateur instrumental "songs" for these videos.


I upcycle ... mostly old and broken jewellery but also lots of miscellaneous items like different sized letters that we might normally throw out. I love to reduce, reuse and recycle to be a part in helping our environment.


This is a complete process video of the creation of my jellyfish painting - showing my work in a style I call, "Upcycling in Painting". Although it took me about two months to complete, you get to see it all happen in about 15 minutes!

CRAB VIDEO of the running crab because he’s “POTENTIAL PATE” lol

This is a short video of me making one of my little crab paintings.


Painting my upcycled jewellery crab piece …


This is a slideshow process video of my acrylic painting, using my own music created in garageband


I painted the angel underneath first (from an image of a very old mosaic whose maker’s name I can’t find).


These chains were given to me free, and new, from a store that was no longer going to be selling that line.


This is a short video of me using a tweezer to get those pieces in the right places. Some of the leg pieces were cut from odd jewellery items.

I am trying to straighten my videos so they are lined up neatly but am having such a hard time with it!

Art Show Videos (dual-solo show) - May 12th until June 9th, 2018 at Visual Voice Fine Art Gallery in Truro. 128 Kings Street.
Video of my first solo (or rather, dual solo) art show in Truro at Visual Voice Fine Art. 128 King Street, Truro Nova Scotia.


This is a short video of me using a tweezer to get those pieces in the right places. Some of the leg pieces were cut from odd jewellery items.


I found a bag of red and black lick-and-stick letters in a second hand store and thought it would make a very interesting texture. This is my first video with a voice over instead of captions. You can hear I’m not as confident with spoken words as I am with written words. Maybe I will improve …


This upcycled painting is made from a collection of 3d printed refuse pieces from my husband’s projects, some old jewellery, and acrylic paint


Unlike most of my abstract artwork, this piece began with an image in mind before I even began. It was a lot of fun finding old jewellery pieces to create a crab, and actually making something recognizable for a change was refreshing. Maybe I'll try it again. Soon.


I hope you enjoy watching this piece come to life, it was a painstaking process, for sure! Entitled so because I compare the teaching and guiding our children to the best of our ability (arranging staples) and the unexpected joy and randomness of children (pearls) as they just go and do whatever they want to do!


This piece was a challenge – to get my “texture” flat enough to be painted. And then I neglected to capture most of the painting process. But that makes it short and sweet. Find out what I upcycled to create my texture …


This is another upcycling process video. There are a lot of old bracelets and rings floating around in second-hand stores! Most of them have lost their finish but are perfect for my uses! This piece uses old finger rings, curtain rings, earrings and bracelets.


This piece was unusually long in it's process, a real journey of visual discovery. It began red, transitioned to green, then to multicoloured, then to ... . I'm using a lovely piece of music from Parachute Music (called "Salon").


This is one of my newer large upcycled pieces. The textures were created using 3D printed excess-parts. This became a city landscape of sorts. There's grass in the foreground with the city scape near the middle, then the atmosphere above the city is somewhat chaotic with flying particles. Then the blue sky appears near the top.

It's a challenge to video these larger canvases so some of the process is missing, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!


This piece had a very long journey to the finish line, but sometimes a long journey is the only way I can discover what works best for a particular set of textures. I love using acrylic paint and acrylic mediums for my art, because they dry so quickly. They let me change my mind any time I need to. 

As you watch this video, you'll hear a new piece of music of mine which had a similar lengthy creation process as the piece I made it for. I've gotten to love hearing this music, it's very meditative.



My daughter had given me some discarded "crystals" that she had made. They had lovely subtle colours but when I secured them to my art piece with a glazing medium, the moisture in the medium destroyed much of the colour. Nonetheless, I attempted to paint them a similar colour.


Confession - I did purchase these wooden letters in a dollar store. But the jewellery is recycled. Letters make an interesting texture, I used recycled letter shapes before in the large abstract piece called "Light Path".

I create original mixed media paintings using recycled jewellery and acrylic paint. And I make my own music for these process videos too - using GarageBand and iMovie


This piece is made of a lot of small necklaces and chains, along with other beaded embellishments. The title came to me as I was reminded again of God's goodness; every good gift comes from Him – and He doesn't ever take back what He gives.

I create original paintings using recycled jewellery and acrylic paint – If you'd like to commission a rare and unusual gift for someone, contact me.



There were a LOT of necklaces I was not using up in my projects, so this time, I decided to create a landscape matching the colours of the necklaces as best I could with the landscape I had painted on the canvas. A successful challenge. I created the music in GarageBand.



This canvas actually has a number of 10Karat gold chains/pieces on it. I was caught between the thought of the laborious process of getting the gold appraised and the actual fun process of putting it on a canvas. Obviously this stuff is worth more to me the way it looks on a canvas - would you agree?

It's another in the series of small Heirloom Art Pieces, which are all 9" x 12" (23 x 30.5 cm), mixed media on canvas.



Some of my bangles get used up in this interesting video - I had no idea where this was heading, but after a lot of play, I was happy with the final result! 

And the music is another creation of mine. Hope you like it!




Out on another treasure hunt, I found a few boxes of disorganized glass beads (yay!). So I painted a colourful design on my canvas for a background, started applying beads and chains and, voila! A landscape was coming into view right before my eyes. It's such a delight to find out what wants to come out of me as I create!

My son Daniel created the beautiful music you hear in the background!


I buy bags of junk jewellery wherever I can and on opening one of my treasure sacks, I found a yellowish brown fish necklace. It wasn't very appealing to look at but an image popped into my mind and I was off to create this piece. See the process video 

This is the first in my series of SMALL Heirloom Art Pieces, which are all 9" x 12" (23 x 30.5 cm), mixed media on canvas.

9" x 12" mixed media pieces on canvas.



Rock Wall #11 with Rocks from Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia. Peggy's Cove is the mother rock of the province, as far as I have seen. The landscape is magical.

Music by Daniel James LeBlanc.

This is an acrylic painting on board - of the lighthouse near Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Love doing winter paintings ...


This is my first video ever - I had taken some photos while I was drawing this oil pastel, but got so carried away with the process that I forgot to take enough photos for a decent video. Hope you enjoy what it is!


This piece, is also using a 9x12 inch canvas. It is attempting to tell a story about how the love of God comes down to us so he can bring us back to His place where all things are right – but I only got as far as the love coming down (represented by the bird), and I'm still working on my story telling skills ...)



I had a good handful of dead coin batteries from some plastic candles (that I wish I hadn't bought because they stopped working). And I knew they could be put to good use on one of my upcycling paintings!

A friend chose a very appropriat title for this piece because the circles started to congregate.

By the way, this was my first composition ever, created in Garage Band! 



This Jewel painting went through a major process of experimentation as I tried using up many different pieces from my recycled jewellery collection. To me, it's perhaps a picture of the process the Lord our Maker goes through, molding and making us into his image as we live through our ups and downs, our good times and bad times.



Typically, my husband likes to take things apart and when he ends up with stuff he doesn't want, I get them! So, when he took apart some watches and an old camera, gleaning the things he wanted, I got the rest of the pieces! There's also some from old jewellery on this piece - can you find which pieces were jewellery? 

From my series of small Heirloom Art Pieces, which are all around 9" x 12" (23 x 30.5 cm), mixed media on canvas or boards.



Creating these little "jewels" made with jewels is an ongoing process as I find 2nd-hand items that deserve their own little space.

This is a run through of the first 29 of my 5 x 7 inch mini's. I used recycled jewellery and acrylic paint on masonite to make these beautiful pieces of art. 
Some of them have sold, but I continue to make them. See the new ones here.



Rock Wall 12 - another scene of Peggy's Cove Rocks including me packing up my pastels as I pause to do a portrait painting. Peggy's Cove is a tourist attraction, no wonder!


Another 9x12 inch oil pastel of a lovely yellow lily from my garden. 

Music by Daniel James LeBlanc (my son!)



Sometimes I get carried away with the underpainting, working on my lap or another surface, away from my iphone camera, and that makes me forget to record my work. I had a lot of diagonal lines to draw and paint in this pieces, and so the canvas was constantly being repositioned – which makes it hard to record.



This piece was a fun, yet a very challenging piece. I had intentions of maintaining the shininess of the pins throughout the painting process, but it became so fiddly that I had to just paint the whole thing disregarding the reflective surfaces. So, the challenge became removing all the acrylic paint from the shiny pins after each coat of paint to bring back that lovely reflective quality before the paint dried completely.




I had a desire to put a scarf on canvas, just to see if it could be successful, was it? I chose a small silk scarf of mine that had a beautiful pattern on it. I'm very happy with the result – I also sewed on some long ceramic beads. 

The answer, my friend, was blowing in the wind.



There aren't a lot of brass items I find in jewellery these day, but the pieces I did find ended up on this canvas – which progressed very playfully indeed! When you watch the video, you see the pieces marching around the canvas as they look for their final resting spot.

From my series of small Heirloom Art Pieces, which are all 9" x 12" (23 x 30.5 cm), mixed media on canvas or board.



Taylor Head Beach - I was at this beach with my daughter; it was a sandy beach with some stones. But very odd, was this lonely huge rock surrounded by water, about 10 feet out from the edge of the beach - and not another rock in sight.


My second ever video ... before I discovered time-lapse!