Rocks are like People

Who doesn't love rocks? They're infinite in colour, shape, size and character; no two are ever the same yet each one carries a beauty of it's own.


They absorb heat from the sun (or Son) and range from being large, smooth and flat (that's when they're really comforting - just add a towel), to being so small and sharp they can almost cut like a knife (if you're not wearing proper sole (or soul) protection).


Once a rock breaks off from its original resting place, it becomes more susceptible to the elements of weather and could possibly "live its life" being ruthlessly carried to the opposite ends of the earth. But at the same time, due to the process itself, a rock could end up becoming more beautiful - or even "precious".

Alas, it's very likely that most rocks get completely obscured from anyone's appreciating eye. And though some are in view all the time, not many people notice they're there.

I'm noticing.

I can't help but see the similarities between rocks and people, how about you?

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