Join the fun of reducing, reusing and recycling!


The Joy of Upcycling

"Taking junk from the past and transforming it

into beauty for the future."

This business of using found objects, discarded and unwanted objects, even trashed objects, and bringing them to life and beauty is an amazingly fulfilling experience. First of all I love that I'm helping the environment (in some small way), I believe I'm creating things that provide beauty an and then finally, I'm hoping this process will catch on!


Also, I can't but help see the similarity between what I'm doing with unwanted items, and what God can do with people who feel unwanted, unloved, and un-cared for — those who have been discarded by society.


Like God who looks past the "ugliness" of human frailties, and who picks up the lame, lost and blind to transform them into His precious jewels, I also see past broken, seemingly useless and discarded items in order to transform them into beautiful treasured creations!


The images in this blog are of discarded 3D-printer printed parts. My husband saves them for me, because as promised, he throws nothing out that comes off of his 3D printer plate! Maybe you can see that I cut pieces to create a smaller height, sorted and arranged them on my board. Then of course I glued and painted!


Above is an earlier stage of the painting and then below is a pic of the image somewhere near final.

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