Late August 2017 – As much as I love straight lines, beauty is not about perfection.


I used to think I loved everything to be accurate, and sorted, and in the proper place, and tidy, and on time, and colour coordinated, and well, "perfect". Maybe you're one of the perfectionists I admire.

The closest I've ever gotten to a straight line in my art is in a piece, where if you look carefully, you can see that the lines are nowhere near perfect.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 8.59.49 PM.png

My life is about the same (very imperfect): far from an organizer's dream – and probably an accountant's nightmare (all receipts go in one box for tax time, right?).


I think that you'll agree there are many amazing works of Fine Art in the world that prove to us how the imperfect can be perceived as perfect.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 9.00.30 PM.png

In the case of people: I think all our inconsistencies, differences and "flaws" are part of what make us beautiful to our Creator; He calls us perfect even when we're not anywhere near the bull's eye – and that should make us very happy!

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 9.00.40 PM.png

I actually love going out of my way to make my art imperfect, even though I always start out with a straight-line design on my white canvas. I believe that when the underlying structure, or framework of an art piece is intentional and well thought out, then the final result will always be more successful.

But that's another analogy ...


Well, I hope you all had a wonderful August! I did a lot of relaxing and cloud watching this month but I also got a chance to visit "the lake" with a friend, staying in her trailer, near Yarmouth Nova Scotia for about 6 days.

I took the opportunity to work on some small upcycled paintings in August (the mini Jewel Paintings you see pieces of here), while also dabbling on a new large upcycled piece. (coming soon)

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 9.01.41 PM.png

Oh and I had some great news yesterday! Nuri, the owner of Visual Voice Fine Art Gallery sold one of my large paintings called "Northumberland Strait Evening"! I am very delighted because now that piece is finally done (because it belongs to its rightful owner)! You can see it at my website under the section called "Realism".

Note that I'll be having a solo show in Truro at the same gallery this coming May 2018, so I hope you'll come and visit at that time!