Discovering Colour Therapy in Winter - requests your opinion...

Greetings Everyone!

I've been spending a lot of time packaging my latest shipment of printed cards, and this time they're mostly brightly coloured flower cards. Looking at these cards, especially the collection together, delights me every time I set my eyes on them! 

I think most of you who currently read my blog live in the Northern Hemisphere and are experiencing winter - that cold, grey time of year when cloud cover is more common than sunshine. And when there IS a sunny day, despite the bright blue sky, the colour palette is still very limited.


Colour can make a difference in a person's life, for example with food. Your choice of coloured vegetables, orange, yellow red or green, may imply that your body is craving certain nutrients. Coloured walls affect our moods.

But this is my new theory: Staring at even painted colourful flowers can cause a refreshing and invigorating mental experience - reminiscent of the effect of spring or even a warm summer's day on the psyche. Actually, Claude Monet's colourful Haystack series can also create this feeling for me. 

I wonder if this happens for everyone, or maybe I'm just having fun making and printing flowers? 

Would you do me the favour of browsing through the flowers on my website and letting me know if the same thing happens to you? This blog then, might become a mini study into the effects of painted flowers on the human mind. 

My flower (garden) section is here: FLOWERS and for more colour infusion therapy, please spend some time at my website browsing through all the colour - I hope you have an encouraging experience!

Before you go, I'd like to share more colour - in my first ever Youtube video below! It's a short demo of one of my oil pastel drawings, only 14 seconds long. 

Thanks for your help!!