Making Movies in March

This winter I've been busy experimenting with many different programs, attempting to make videos out of my process photos. Many of those programs have file size limitations or monthly fees and I always shy away from monthly fees (they're like holes in your pockets), so I finally settled on an easy-to-use program I that found for my iPad. It's called "Perfect Video", was 5 dollars to buy, will save all my videos to Youtube and now I can share the link whichever way I want - yay!

The process of making a video is more time consuming than I thought it would be, but my husband is spending another 2 weeks in China so I was free to spend the 6 plus hours it took to get this video together. At 58, I think it's pretty impressive how much of a power-gadget-user I've become!

This is painted on a board and I fight getting pickier when I'm painting with smaller brushes on a smaller surface.

This is painted on a board and I fight getting pickier when I'm painting with smaller brushes on a smaller surface.

For this latest painting, an early morning winter shot from a webcam set up in the lighthouse area of Yarmouth, NS was posted by a friend of mind on FaceBook and I asked if I could use it. He said yes and I figured it was good for public use.

I took around 40 original photos with my iPhone as I was painting (they're not great quality because sometimes I'm taking pics when there's not enough light, and also I'm normally not that steady with my hands). Well, then I uploaded them to my desktop computer where I chose the 22 photos that I wanted. I straightened and resized each of them in my Photoshop program and then re-saved them all "for web".


Then I sent the collection of photos to my iPad where I used the small app I mentioned above - Perfect Video. I re-ordered my pics, then added some music and text, and when it was all close to the way I wanted it (not shooting for perfection yet), I uploaded to Youtube directly from my iPad. Then I went and opened the video on my desktop computer downstairs and could copy the link and add it into my website!

If anyone knows of an easier method to make videos from process photos, I'm all ears! Please DO contact me (via email or FaceBook)!

To see the video of how I go about making this smaller sized acrylic painting, click here or on the photo of the chair above and it will take you to the Youtube video of my finished Yarmouth Lighthouse painting. I'm delighted to be using music that my son created years ago (you might want to turn down the volume!).